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6/20 - Sorry I've been terrible about updating this. We're both in different parts of the country, so probably no shows in the foreseeable future. BUT. Back in April we recorded about an hour of music with our friend Andy Oswald, and we're in the process of figuring out what to do with it all. I'll post some stuff real soon. Thanks for being patient!

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1/28 - Seriously excited about the lineup for Switchboard. Check it out.

1/18 - Brainwash show was weird but good - Brendon got hit by a car while biking earlier that day and came straight from the ER to the venue. We persevered though, finally played a set with Alex Christie, and generally survived. Look for more April/May shows on the calendar soon - we're setting something up with Key West and it will be brutal. More stuff with Non6/TLES in the works as well.

1/14 - Doing stuff again! Lots coming up this spring.

4/14 - Finally played again, Mama Buzz Cafe in Oakland. Cool show review (and lots of others) and full audio can be found at Upcoming shows finally updated. CalArts recordings will someday be mixed. Rough mixes found here.

12/5 - Two very cool, low key shows at CalArts this weekend, and it was great to play for/with such appreciative, talented people. Also did some recording with George in CalArts' absurdly nice studios, and they sound niiiiiice. That stuff will be on the site as soon as it's mixed. In other news, we've been playing with tenor sax player/laptopist extraordinaire Alex Christie for a while now, and we'll be playing some shows with him as soon as we collectively get it together.

11/15 - played at Om Sweet Om, recording weekend of December 3-5, lots of new material.

9/28 - Li Po was fun, George was up for the weekend, so it was three-piece funtime! Appearances at Mills College in the near future. More recording in October is likely.

9/12 - Tour is over, more shows coming soon? Soon. Miniature Tree/Grains bids a tearful farewell to our Miniature Tree half and returns to school, life and work. Look for new stuff soonish. Like, eventually.

9/1 - On tour with George from Japandi/Miniature Tree. Crazy stuff. First show at El Rio was pretty cool, we got whistled at by drunk spaniards, and made some friends.



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@Switchboard Music Festival, w/ The Living Earth Show, Nonsemble 6. 2781 24th St, SF. April 1, 2-10pm

@The Luggage Store, w/ Realization Orchestra. 1007 Market St, SF. March 29, 8pm. $6-10 sliding scale.

@Brainwash, w/ Realization Orchestra, Secret Friends. 1122 Folsom St, SF. January 15, 6pm. Free.

@The Luggage Store, w/ The Living Earth Show, Nonsemble 6. 1007 Market St, SF. May 5, 8pm. $6-10 sliding scale.

@Diablo West Clubhouse, w/ Wild Gifts, Garden Club. May 1, 2pm. Freeeeee.

@Mama Buzz Cafe w/ Wild Gifts, Garden Club. April 13, 7:46pm

@Val Verde w/ Adam Snider, Psyche Delos. December 4, 10:34pm.

@CalArts w/ Aquadeer. December 3, 6:24pm.

@Om Sweet Om w/ Whoarfrost, School, Peter Bonos and friends. 577 37th St, Oakland. November 12, 8pm.

@Li Po Cocktail Lounge w/ Barney Cauldron, Midnight Snackers. 916 Grant Avenue, September 25, 8pm. $5.

@El Rio, with Efft, Orchestra of Antlers 3158 Mission. August 16, 8pm

@Purple Rain, with some crazy art. Oakland. August 18. 10:13pm.

@Biko Garage, with Mothlight, A\D|S/R. 6612 Sueno Rd. Isla Vista, Santa Barbara. August 19, 7:30pm

@Show Cave, with Mothlight, Headlight, Stairs & Streets. 3501 Eagle Rock Blvd, LA. August 20, 8pm

@the Che Cafe, with Japandi, Drug Wars, Mothlight. 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, San Diego. August 21